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Why we should study Fashion?...

After reading a few comments on my Youtube and trying to answer all your questions came up a great question: Why should we study fashion in general? I have heard many people talking about it, and some people feel that any person who studies any art major are wasting their time and money.

One of my subscribers sent me this question which is sort of relative to this post and I did make a video about it. The subscriber's question was:

“Can you do a video on how fashion school has helped you, if its necessary, and advice for people who aren't going to fashion school (what to look for online, what to learn, research etc.)? Your videos have been a massive help for me and thank you for making videos :)” - Bananaisafish

I felt this was an excellent question which may reflect many views from many people who want to learn it but don't want to go the college path. I believe in general college is not an option for many people; some people can't afford college, some people say it is not for them, they aren't made for college, or just they don't want to deal with the whole process. These answers aren't wrong or right, since each person has their own unique situations and needs.

I leave you the link for my video from youtube:

Depending on your goals, fashion school may be necessary for many reasons:

1.- Many jobs in the industry will require you to have a degree. This is extremely true in big companies where they need a fashion designer, fashion journalist, fashion designer assistant, or fashion merchandiser. This is pretty common, since those companies have HR departments and those departments search for candidates online using keywords like "BA in fashion," so it doesn't matter how many years you may have working in the industry if you don't have that degree degree.

2.- Entry Level jobs. This is a true reality: many entry level jobs will be reserved for people with degrees when you lack the connections and experience on the industry. Many schools prepare you for the entry level positions; many HR personnel and managers know that with that degree from "X" school you should have some knowledge in the field. This is a great way to clear the path for you.

3.-Skill Building: Many schools put together a curriculum of many classes designed to teach the current skill for be the best in your area. Also many classes are designed to teach you how to use your creativity, curiosity and push you to the next level. For example, fashion construction for me always has been a challenging area, so the school gave me the practice and tailoring that I need in order to be able to successful.

4.- Networking: Many students don't know what exactly they want to do when they finish the degree. Many of your teachers can help you to connect you with the dream job or a recommendation letter for a job. Also, many of the students in your class can be your coworkers, bosses, or even your business partners. So don't close your eyes to the possibilities.

These are just a few possibilities that I came across in my life. I know there should be more than these four possibilities, but in the long run, study something that you love and will bring you happiness and joy. Just be smart and honest with yourself!

XOXO Gabby Weinkauf

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