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My Minimalist experience - Part 1

After researched Yohji Yamamoto's work for an assignment and watching the documentary Minimalist by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, and read the book Minimalist: Live a Meaningful life . I decided to try this new thing called Minimalism.

Minimalist is one of those concept hard to defined. Many culture and society have a different concept for the minimalism some defined as less things, other defined as simple way of life and other just living with 100 items or less. For me minimalist is a way of living with less stuff which making my life simple and it is a way to save time. Time is one of those thing that you wont ever get back so ; I want to spend my time doing what I love and with the people that I love.

Visually Minimalist is not appealing to many people is a strange picture for our western society where have more is the sign of wealth. After see couple house and understand how minimalist can be nicely done and put together. I decided to do for my myself.

I took me 3 week to eliminate the things that i don't need. First I started with my clothes. I got 5 full black bags with clothes, 2 bags of shoes and 4 boxes with makeup items, hair products and other stuff. I didn't know that I had so much stuff and the worse part is all that cost me money. Many clothes with the tags on, shoes still in the box, products that I only used once and makeup that i never liked or is not my style.

I took all these items and donated. I did make a list and donated all. Donation in general is a great way to help others people and yourself. Every donation can be a tax deduction.

After my closet, I did the Kitchen. All the plastic, extra stencils, everything that make space and i am not using need to go. In the end was kitchen was clean and with extra space where my pets can have a wonderful water fountain and their food dispenser nicely organized. It was like confessing and clean my soul, my kitchen now is more lightweight, easy to clean and i love the way the light get into my kitchen now. For some people this is madness giveaway many items that cost you a lot money but the true is I wasn't using it and was taking space from some items that I really use in the regular basis. This is the first part of the series. I hope this helped someone and make you aware of other way to live your life more meaningful.

I want to suggest you guys some books that you can read about it. I am not the best person on this matter but i am so excite about it. You can applied Minimalist to every part of your life, including money! which i know many people have problem with it.Some are available on audible and hard copies. Here is the list of book I have and read about this:

Everything that remains: A memoir by the Minimalist

Essential Essays by the Minimalist

The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven plan for financial fitness

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