Cristina La Veneno, The Iconic Transsexual dies.

One of the women that helped shape my life.

In the summer of 1996, a late night TV show called "Esta Noche Cruzamos el Mississippi" with Pepe Navarro, I saw this beautiful woman; the nerve, the impudence, and the beauty was mind-blowing!

Back in that time, I couldn't understand what exactly she was, but I definitely wanted be as beautiful as her.

Jose Antonio Ortiz Rodriguez was born in Adra, Armeria, Spain, in 1964. She was a transsexual that was extremely popular in Spain and changed the perception about transsexualism and prostitution on so many levels.

I highly recommend to you guys to search more about her in general. There is a lot of material on Youtube and also her book, ¡Digo! ni puta ni santa: Las memorias de La Veneno (2016). I read the entire book and after reading the book, I understood many things about who she really was, and who was the character on the TV.

On the other side, Veneno was one of the best representatives of fashion and craftsmanship. She wore many Versace dresses and made replicas of the dress and style.

She always loved revealing garments, open legs, soft cuts, and very light fabrics. The most iconic garment she wore was the red dress in the previous video.

Here you can see many of the inspirations that Veneno could use for her outfits.

This colleciton is from Gianni Versace Spring Collection 1995. In this collection, we can appreciate the connection with La Veneno's fashion choices and style.

Veneno left us many TV moments. Cristina Ortiz Rodriguez was a fashion icon from the 1990's and TV Icon.

RIP Cristina La Veneno.