Fashion Construction - My Semester Spring 2017 At AAU

This last semester was bittersweet: I had to fight with myself due to my own procrastination. Besides that, it was a really nice semester with new things to try, and I learned a lot from my teachers and other students.

After all that, I did well. Last semester, we did many different garments and worked with different drafting styles. Also, we did many samples which was awesome; it makes sense to make samples because you can figure out many garment issues with fittings and construction.

  • Sleeveless Dress: This dress was the first dress I ever made from scratch. I had to draft the blocks and the patterns. It was a great experience working the concepts and knowledge from my past classes. The dress was size 6 and fit the dress form nicely. In this project, we didn't make an example. The dress was extremely simple. The area that needed more work was the top part of the dress; the neck area.

  • Trouser: This piece was extremely important for me because I love a good trouser, and i love designing different styles and materials. With this garment, we did a sample and also fashioned the fabrics. I used twill fabrics, cotton thread, and a zipper. This piece had two front pockets and one back pocket. It was really fun to make; even my mom helped me to sew it and put it together.

  • High-Waisted Skirt: this was my biggest challenge. This skirt was nicely drafted and the pattern matched. I was able to create the sample without any problems. However, the sample didn't have the hem and the lining, so those issues will show up later when I did the entire piece. In the end, the lining inside matched perfectly, but the whole hem was a mess. I redid the hem three times until the fabric were too damaged, and I could no longer move forward. I think my problem was the fabrics and the technique that I applied weren't the best for the job. I am still not happy with this skirt.

  • Shirt: I did enjoy to create this piece. It was easy, quick, natural and came out beautiful. I did have some problems with the muslin. The muslin used normally is the unbleached 44'' 100% cotton. This type of muslin normally is harder to control the wrinkles and I needed to iron it a couple times and sprayed water to control the fabric better. In the end, it came out beautiful and I love it.

  • Designer Shirt: This was the most fun part of the whole semester. We had to design and create a shirt. I was inspired by dresses from the 18th century: the length, the arm, the shape, and the neck. In this assignment, I had to apply all the practice from the previous garments, and also fixed issue with the new design. In this assignment, I didn't have any issues, and the shirt ended up perfectly the way I wanted.

My final thoughts: I did enjoy this semester, I learned a lot and I enjoyed the challenges that were presented to me.

Gabby Weinkauf