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How to grow your Hair: healthy and Fast

In 2013 I cut my hair extremely short due to damage. Since then, I have been trying to find the magic formula to grow my hair long and strong.

My hair by nature is fine/medium and curly, which is the worst type of hair for my hair style and hot tools. After searching online through many blogs and Youtube videos, I found my own solution:

I started to make oil treatments which include different oils; such as rosemary, cinnamon, jojoba, and coconut oil.

From all those different oils, the only oil that felt different was the coconut oil. However, it is too messy and can drip onto your clothes, and don't even think about trying to sleep with that oil in your head; it is a pure mess! Coconut oil is good, but I only use it as treatment for occasions when I am at home and I have time to clean up the inevitable mess.

After that, I tried a few types of pills for hair growth; some well-known brands, but none of them really gave me the results that I wanted. After conversations with my mom, I checked my hormone levels which have a lot to do with the hair growth, skin, and health in general. We found out that I have thyroid issues, which is pretty common now days.

After that I knew that my weight gain and my thinning hair were connected and I needed to do something about it.

I then decided to work with this issue from inside and outside. Many influencers (Vloggers) always try different products for their hair: keep in mind many of them get paid for those products, and others just don't approach the problem with a healthy, natural, point of view.

So what I do is only 4 simple steps:

  1. Cut the split ends: I do cut my split ends every 3-4 months at about 1-2 inches. Back in January 2017, however, I cut 4 inches for a fresh start. Check Great Clips for a discount code and promotion.

  2. Vitamins and Food: Fish, eggs, and almonds work well for me. Normally, you can get good Biotin pills from Amazon: the magic number is 5,000 mcg per unit. The best one is Nature's Bounty Extra Strength Hair Skin and Nails. So far this combination agrees with my system.

  3. Wash and Condition: Washing the hair is the most important step. We can use great products, but if the hair is not clean (or over cleaned), the hair will fall out. We normally have some hair fall out over time, but if we use a shampoo too strong, this can cause premature fallout. In the beginning, I was using Paul Mitchel and was working okay, but it is too pricey. I decided to look at other alternatives: Previously I was using Mane 'n Tail which work nicely for a budget. Eventually I was talking with my bother and we ended talking bout his hair and he told me that was using Head & Shoulders. I used the Almond version for winter, and now using the Smooth and Silky version for this summer. After the hair is cleaned, I use a Quenching Coconut Curl. This is a leave in or rinse out product. This product is great for curly hair like mine. Another great product is Pantene ProV Smoothing: I use this after the hair is washed and conditioned. The hair must be half way dry before applying this overnight product.

  4. Brushes: Brushes are extremely important for the hair and how you brush. Normally, I start brushing from bottom to roots. I prefer brushes for kids or detangling brushes. The less stress you put on your hair, the less fallout and less breaks.

Above is what works for me, but here is a little final advice: try out and observe.

Try different products and observe how your hair feels and behaves. The texture, color, touch, and behavior is extremely important to find what works for you. All this advice is based on my own experience and I hove this helps any of you girls that may have been lost like I used to be!


Gabby Weinkauf

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