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My New Youtube Channel - Boneca Tejera Official

Hi! Once again I am trying to Create my own community online. So i decided to take back my Youtube channel and start making videos for Y'all!

My new Youtube channel is about 3 main things that us women love: Fashion, Makeup and Beauty.

The fashion aspect of my channel will be about fashion construction, fashion design, fashion trends and my own opinion about different topics.

The Makeup part will be based on my experience as consumer. I will be using products and review for you. I will be 100% honest on my opinion.

Last but not least I will be making videos about beauty products. Many of you guys know I had rosacea since I was 21 year old and it has always has been a struggle for me to deal with my skin. Finally with my doctor and diet, we found the correct way to control it. The beauty part will be more about skin, hair and any products that touch my body.

Also I will be doing give away every month, I will be choosing someone who shared, liked, subscribed and subscribe to my email mail list here!

Until today I didn't reach the 1K subscriber but I know we will, when that happens I will be giveaway's one new sewing machine to my subscriber! So I want that my subscriber always get something every month and every mile stone. After the 1k mile stone i will be doing to every 10k mile stone.

So let's start! Subscriber here!

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