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Hello! Everyone!
My name is Gabriella Weinkauf and I am a fashion designer student at Academy of Art.
Bonêca is my nickname, since high school I always wanted to start my own clothing line. I was drawing all the time and at school too.  I started to learn sewing since 1998, when we moved to a new area in the city, my neighbor’s husband was tailor, Don Eduardo. He was an amazing guy and he teach me to play with the sewing machine and how important was to fit the clothing to the client. His wife Mirella, teach me to sewing by hand and talked to me about when she met her husband on 1940’s in the small city of Barahona, Dominican Republic.
She introduced me to the movies, clothing and style of the 1940s.After school, we played domino’s, eat Spanish croquetas with mayo-ketchup and watched movies from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.
I love Carmen Miranda, Dolores del Rio, Rita Moreno, Maria Montez and Rita Hayworth. I love the music too with Ymac Sumac, Maria Callas, Celia Cruz and Carmen Miranda my idol!
In 2002, I moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico. I love the island, the people the food and the whole new opportunities for me. One day taking the bus from Condado to Rio Piedras, I saw this sewing school, and I quickly write the phone number can called later on.  Well I called and sign on, on my first day I saw the most wonderful and inspiring person, Carlota Alfaro. She is one of the best fashion designer in Puerto Rico back then. She came to our area to welcome to everybody. It was magic!
I took the 4 semester of sewing and fashion concept, patterns, drawing and details of the fabrics, since then I always sewing items for myself, friends and family.
In 2004 I started my BA in business administration in the Universidad Metropolitana.
Between 2008-2009 I was working for the MAPR, where I took art class, Art appreciation and got certified Art Appraiser. In 2016 I started my MFA in Fashion Designer in the Academy of Art.

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